Friday, October 23, 2009

Thin is IN!

It's Friday! It's Friday! How exciting.  The whole thing is going to pass me by as I sit in class, but that's ok.  I've been getting some great feedback from a few people on these articles, so today we're going to work with weight loss.  I can't say much in that area now since I'm pregnant and far from watching my figure.  I can say that when I was not pregnant, I had a lot of success with several products which I'll mention shortly.  I know the best thing to do is diet and exercise, but I have no time for that.  It's great for all those people who can go to the gym for five hours and eat a celery stick after, but that's not my cup of tea. 

Here are some of the products I have tried previously that have actually shown results---

Trim Spa Value Pack (Anna Nicole Smith was not lying!)

Slimquick Fat Burners Package

and finally...

Hoodia Powerslim  I think out of all of them, this one took the most weight off.

By the way, has anyone seen Kelly Osborne lately?  The dancing has definitely helped!

Let me remind you all that I am not an exerciser or a healthy eater by any means, so I have everything working against me.  I read all the articles on Yahoo on how to lose weight and laugh about them afterwards because they're so unrealistic.  Again, the links I gave for these products will allow you to try them for FREE.  Send me some before and after pictures, people!!!

Have a happy and safe weekend!

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