Monday, November 2, 2009

Smile for the Camera!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was uneventful aside from ten sreaming children, many trick-or-treaters and their screaming parents, etc. etc. etc.  I have no patience sometimes.  As some of you know, I quit smoking a few months ago and noticed my teeth were not exactly white.  Embarrassing?  Of course.  I started using a product I found online ( because I'm an online junkie).

Some of you may ask, why should I worry about my teeth right now?  Oh, but you should!

Wanna see a picture of what my teeth look like after years of smoking?

Ok, not that bad; but I'm slowly reaching that point. :-)

Some causes of yellow/stained teeth are:
-Smoking/ chewing tobacco
-Too much soda
-Too much coffee
-Certain antiseptic mouthwashes
-Dental plaque and tartar
-Colored organic compounds in certain foods

Many people don't realize what having discolored teeth results in.  Not only does it look yucky when smiling, but many people see that as a reflection of your personal hygiene.  It can affect what people you attract or what interviewer you impress for a job. 

The following is a list of products that have been known to work:
-Go SMiLE Teeth Whitening
-Brighter Image
-Crest Whitestrips (This is what I have been using.  I know it can be purchased in a store, but online is free and more come in a pack.  It saves me from spending money at the store every week.)

In conclusion, here's my white-toothed celebrity hero:

Good job, Kate Beckinsale!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

~It's Potty Time~

Hey everyone,

It has been a long week, so forgive my absence here.  I hope everybody's doing great.  So here's my mommy baby girl is starting to potty train!  I may have her doing this a little early, but I would prefer to get her started now and hope she learns what to do very soon.  Poor thing!  I'm like a potty training dictator. 

Potty Toddler Urinal for Boys

After doing extensive research on this complicated art, I found that there are five methods to potty training...

1) The Infant Method

-This is the most utilized form of potty training, I think, in the world.  When doing this, the parent basically holds the child over the toilet when the child has started going.  By doing this repeatedly, the baby will learn that when feeling certain sensations; it's time to make his/her way to the toilet.

2) The "Practice Until you Get it Right" Method

-Unlike the infant method, this is a gradual, patient method.  It involves introducing the child to the toilet a little at a time.  As a parent, you would give them a reward when making progress and hold regular class sessions. :-)

Aquanaut Potty for Children

3) Potty Training in One Day Method

-Use a little doll to demonstrate the appropriate actions taken when using a toilet.  Make your child understand both positive and negative consequences.

4) She Will Go When She's Ready Method

-This method has the parent demonstrate all the tools necessary to the child.  It works under the hope that once the child knows what to do, he/she will essentially train themselves by doing.

5) The Naked Method

-Not the smartest choice by any means!  This method requires the parent to do a constant training for 3-5 days with the child running around naked.  You would direct them to the toilet ASAP when he/she starts going. 

Fun to Learn Potty

Again, I may be starting a little young; but I'd rather get started earlier and not worry about it later.  No use in procrastinating!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thin is IN!

It's Friday! It's Friday! How exciting.  The whole thing is going to pass me by as I sit in class, but that's ok.  I've been getting some great feedback from a few people on these articles, so today we're going to work with weight loss.  I can't say much in that area now since I'm pregnant and far from watching my figure.  I can say that when I was not pregnant, I had a lot of success with several products which I'll mention shortly.  I know the best thing to do is diet and exercise, but I have no time for that.  It's great for all those people who can go to the gym for five hours and eat a celery stick after, but that's not my cup of tea. 

Here are some of the products I have tried previously that have actually shown results---

Trim Spa Value Pack (Anna Nicole Smith was not lying!)

Slimquick Fat Burners Package

and finally...

Hoodia Powerslim  I think out of all of them, this one took the most weight off.

By the way, has anyone seen Kelly Osborne lately?  The dancing has definitely helped!

Let me remind you all that I am not an exerciser or a healthy eater by any means, so I have everything working against me.  I read all the articles on Yahoo on how to lose weight and laugh about them afterwards because they're so unrealistic.  Again, the links I gave for these products will allow you to try them for FREE.  Send me some before and after pictures, people!!!

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fallen and Can't Get Up!

Hey guys,

The weekend is almost here!!! YAY!!!!  Although what I'm writing about today may seem like it came out of left field to some of you, it is actually important to me.  I currently have (and have had) a lot of family members who are disabled in some way.  Unfortunately, when you do not have health insurance, you're not left with many options for help.  For this reason, I wanted to post some offers for medical equipment.  I don't think we really take enough time to be thankful for our health.  I know life isn't perfect many times, but things could always be worse. 

We should take some time to remember people who have/had disabilities.

Pneumatic Walker

Sensor Cushion Alarm

Any type of disability or handicap is a sensitive subject and should be treated with respect. 

Just so that everyone is aware of what the differences are...


· … the loss or reduced function of a particular body part or organ (e.g., a missing limb).


· … when an impairment limits the ability to perform certain tasks' (e.g., to walk, to see, to add a row of numbers) in the same way that most persons do.


· …if the disability leads to educational, personal, social, vocational, or other problems.

Heward, W. L. (2003). Exceptional Children: An introduction to special education. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall. P. 10

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning sickness heaven!

Hey everybody!

So my morning sickness has gotten a lot worse over the past week.  My apologies to Anne for throwing up in your BMW yesterday! lol.  Well, no, i'm not really sorry...just being polite.  I know, how terrible.  Anyhow, my little bump is starting to come out and my 16 month old is looking at me like I'm an alien because of it.  Eventually I'll explain where babies come from. (dreading that day)Anyhow, I've been bringing out all my old maternity clothes to get the dust off.  I went to the mall to see about getting some new ones.  Forget that!  Don't they know we're in a recession???

Has anyone noticed that everyone and their mother is pregnant?


It's like a plague!  Anyhow, I know us pregnant moms need help with certain things.  Check out the items I posted today.  My pick is the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow.  It's like a gift from GOD!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mommy, I can't sleep!

Happy Tuesday guys!  Today I'm going over insomnia, since I've had it for about 15 years.  It's a beautiful thing, really.  I can't say I don't have enough time to get everything done.  haha.  I know that a good portion of America does not get eight hours of sleep a night.  I think that's a safe assumption.  I've looked up sleeping disorders so many times over the years, but for those of you who don't know much about it; here's some info. from Yahoo! Health.

What causes insomnia?

There are many things that can cause sleep problems. Insomnia may be caused by:

Stress. Stress can be caused by fear about a single event, such as giving a speech. Or you may have ongoing stress, such as worry about work or school.

Depression, anxiety, and other mental or emotional conditions.

Poor sleep habits, such as watching TV in bed or not having a regular bedtime schedule. If you have trouble sleeping, you may worry about being able to fall asleep. This can make the problem worse.

Changes in your sleep habits or surroundings. This includes changes that happen where you sleep, such as noise, light, or sleeping in a different bed. It also includes changes in your sleep pattern, such as having jet lag or working a late shift.

Other health problems, such as pain, breathing problems, and restless legs syndrome.

Stimulants, such as tobacco and caffeine, as well as certain medicines, alcohol, and drugs.

Lack of regular exercise.


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of insomnia are different for each person. People with insomnia may:

Have trouble falling asleep. This can mean lying in bed for up to an hour or more, tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep.

Wake up during the night and have trouble going back to sleep.

Wake up too early in the morning.

Feel tired when they wake up, like they didn't get enough sleep.

Feel grouchy, sleepy, or anxious, and be unable to get things done during the daytime.


Sound familiar?  Do something about it!  I've been using some of these things, and I went from sleeping 2 hours a night to about 4-5.  Hey, I'm more than happy with that compared to before. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday everybody!

I hope someone was able to relax over the weekend, because I sure did not! I feel like I'm 50! (I'm only in my 20's, so sad) Anyhow, I was doing some research on some beauty products to get rid of blemishes/wrinkles etc. I know these are just luxuries financially at this point, but I'm just racking up stuff online for free. That's the way to do it!


I found a great video on YouTube that discusses how celebrities are able to have great looking skin...If you have a few minutes, take a look.

They go through a lot for their skin, but you do what you have to do!
Look at these ladies and tell me they don't look awesome for their age...

Look past the fact that Denise Richards is crinkling her forehead.  I know that's not proving my point right now. Haha

This woman is actually 127.  Not bad, eh? :-)

If any of you guys have heard of any other offers for those of us on a budget, please let me know.  I'm trying to keep my skin from sagging down to my ankles.  This is no easy task to stay pretty!
Stay beautiful ladies!