Thursday, October 29, 2009

~It's Potty Time~

Hey everyone,

It has been a long week, so forgive my absence here.  I hope everybody's doing great.  So here's my mommy baby girl is starting to potty train!  I may have her doing this a little early, but I would prefer to get her started now and hope she learns what to do very soon.  Poor thing!  I'm like a potty training dictator. 

Potty Toddler Urinal for Boys

After doing extensive research on this complicated art, I found that there are five methods to potty training...

1) The Infant Method

-This is the most utilized form of potty training, I think, in the world.  When doing this, the parent basically holds the child over the toilet when the child has started going.  By doing this repeatedly, the baby will learn that when feeling certain sensations; it's time to make his/her way to the toilet.

2) The "Practice Until you Get it Right" Method

-Unlike the infant method, this is a gradual, patient method.  It involves introducing the child to the toilet a little at a time.  As a parent, you would give them a reward when making progress and hold regular class sessions. :-)

Aquanaut Potty for Children

3) Potty Training in One Day Method

-Use a little doll to demonstrate the appropriate actions taken when using a toilet.  Make your child understand both positive and negative consequences.

4) She Will Go When She's Ready Method

-This method has the parent demonstrate all the tools necessary to the child.  It works under the hope that once the child knows what to do, he/she will essentially train themselves by doing.

5) The Naked Method

-Not the smartest choice by any means!  This method requires the parent to do a constant training for 3-5 days with the child running around naked.  You would direct them to the toilet ASAP when he/she starts going. 

Fun to Learn Potty

Again, I may be starting a little young; but I'd rather get started earlier and not worry about it later.  No use in procrastinating!!!

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