Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning sickness heaven!

Hey everybody!

So my morning sickness has gotten a lot worse over the past week.  My apologies to Anne for throwing up in your BMW yesterday! lol.  Well, no, i'm not really sorry...just being polite.  I know, how terrible.  Anyhow, my little bump is starting to come out and my 16 month old is looking at me like I'm an alien because of it.  Eventually I'll explain where babies come from. (dreading that day)Anyhow, I've been bringing out all my old maternity clothes to get the dust off.  I went to the mall to see about getting some new ones.  Forget that!  Don't they know we're in a recession???

Has anyone noticed that everyone and their mother is pregnant?


It's like a plague!  Anyhow, I know us pregnant moms need help with certain things.  Check out the items I posted today.  My pick is the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow.  It's like a gift from GOD!!!!

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